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Pearl Farm Beach Resort

If you are looking for a resort that has a bit of everything then look no further than the Pearl Farm Beach resort in the Philippines. 

Built on a former pearl farm, this exotic resort mixes traditional tribal culture with modern luxury. Architect Bobby Manosa used techniques and materials that would blend in with the islands natural beauty and as a result the resort is a tribute to tribal living. This can be seen in the iconic luxury wood huts.

The resort takes pride in its Mindanao history and culture and attempts to weave this into guestโ€™s experiences through the suites art and design.

All photos Credit: pearlfarmresort.com

Pearl Farm Beach Resort has enough activities to keep you both relaxed and busy. The resort is in close proximity to five pristine beaches, so has an abundance of water activities, such as jet skiing, snorkelling and kayaking. There is also a coral garden with unusual marine life such as the giant clam, perfect for diving enthusiasts.

For those who like to take things easy the resort has a spa, gym and sports bar. Perfect for getting a sweat and then indulging yourself in relaxing therapies.

More info: pearlfarmresort.com

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