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Photographer – Delphine Brunner

Delphine Brunner, a talented Ibiza-based fashion photographer, has made waves in the industry with her captivating work. Shooting for renowned brands like MAC Cosmetics and BMW, and featuring in publications like C-Heads, NAKID, and LUCY’S, Delphine’s career is marked by creative flair and innovation.

Delphine’s journey into fashion photography is an unconventional one. She began as a model, gaining insights into the industry before realizing her true passion was behind the camera. Her transition from digital to film photography, particularly 35mm, has added a new dimension to her work, with the allure of unpredictability and vibrant colours.

While Ibiza remains her home, Delphine’s love for travel fuels her creativity, allowing her to capture diverse landscapes and cultures worldwide. Her ability to transform abstract ideas into visual magic continues to captivate audiences, making her a rising star in the fashion photography realm.

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